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APTN - 2008 Election Day morning in NYC

Photos courtesy of
Daniel Morel/Wozo Productions
Shotlist and script
Miami Herald article filed the same day
APTN - Vodou-Catholic pilgrimage
Unfinished Country on PBS Wide Angle
Seeds of Change

Video work has been
used in documentaries which aired on:
CBC, History Channel, ABC News, PBS, CNN and many other networks

Video - news & shorts

Obama - Excerpts from a Jan. 7, 2008 speech Concord, NH (shot for The Real News but not used)
Dawn on the St. Petersburg pier
APTN & RTV style: unvoiced, filed with shotlist & script
Some of the bigger docs

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Circles of Change

APTN - 2008 Election Day night in NYC

When the Drum is Beating - PBS, many festivals, etc.