Jane Regan

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Photos courtesy of
Daniel Morel/Wozo Productions
Shotlist and script
Miami Herald article filed the same day
APTN - Vodou-Catholic pilgrimage
Unfinished Country on PBS Wide Angle
(some footage used, field director but did not have editorial control)
Seeds of Change - promotional video for
non-governmental organization

Video has
been used in documentaries aired on:

CBC, History Channel, ABC News, PBS, CNN and many other networks

Video - news
& shorts

The Real News - Barry Goldwater on "Radio Row" on Jan. 7, 2008, the eve of the NH primary (I shot and cut over a dozen "Radio Row" interviews)
Obama - Excerpts from a Jan. 7, 2008 speech Concord, NH (shot for The Real News but not used)
Dawn on the St. Petersburg pier

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Haiti Grassroots Watch video - shot and edited together with students and community radio journalists
When the Drum is Beating on PBS Independent Lens and featured at festivals worldwide (some footage used, field director, but did not have final editorial control)